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Latest Updates

Update Sep 6th


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue preventing the 9mm Daemon Akimbo attachment from being unlocked. This fix will address the issue for Players who have not yet hit the unlock requirement. We are still in progress on fixing Players who should have earned Akimbo but didn't unlock it
  • Fixed an issue where the amount of Operators shown is inconsistent between Users and Platforms ...

Wednesday, August 30


Three New Weapons, All in Limited-Time Battle Pass Sector

All Operators, report to the AO’s previously-classified sector.

Three new weapons will all be available first in Battle Map Sector E0. Those who complete Sector E2, or who participated in the Faction Showdown Limited Time Event for Task Force 141, will be able to access Sector E0, which was previously classified. ...

Update Aug 16



  • This patch contains necessary updates and content for the Shadow Siege event. Tune in for the global reveal of Modern Warfare III at 10:30am PT on August 17th in Warzone.

Weapon Tuning

  • The benefit of tuning for Recoil Control related stats has been reduced slightly ...

Update August 8


  • Fixed an issue that could occur when saving a custom Blueprint with an event camo
  • Fixed an issue that could prevent correct navigation in a section of the Faction Showdown UI
  • Fixed an issue that caused some Battle Pass sectors to display mismatched “Available COD Points”
  • Fixed an issue where, if a Channel member adds additional Players while the Channel creator has the Channel open, that Player can be kicked back to the main menu ...

Season 5 Patch Notes


  • This update contains several fixes to reduce the number of known crashes. We continue to prioritize increased stability and crash fixes across all platforms.

Battle Pass

  • Shadow Company’s Arthur Joins BlackCell
    • One of Shadow Company’s best, Arthur is [[REDACTED]]. All we know is that he is a warrior to the core. No face, only a callsign; he is apparently a legend, but no legible records were found....