Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 / Warzone 2

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Latest Updates

Update Nov 23

🛠️ A #Warzone2 update has gone live!

The Season 01 Patch Notes have been amended:

Update Nov 17

We have pushed a small update to resolve an issue causing some Squad members to not properly appear on the Squad Widget.

Modern Warfare II Season 01 Patch Notes and Warzone 2.0 Launch

Hello MWII and WZ2 Players!

Season 01 marks the launch of the free-to-play Call of Duty: Warzone 2.0 and the much-anticipated DMZ experience. We hope you’re ready to dive into new maps, modes, missions, and more.

In addition to all of the new content, we also want to provide more information on updates to MWII in patch notes here. We’ve also included critical intel for Warzone 2.0 players below, for both Battle Royale and DMZ.


Modern Warfare II Community Update: Week One Patch Notes

Hello MW2 Players!

It’s been incredible to see so many of you playing the game in the last week. We have loved seeing your amazing plays and remain very excited to see you taking on all the challenges and jumping into Special Ops.

We have spent the days since launch working on a number of improvements and fixes. While we have been providing live updates on social for smaller bug fixes or critical support through playlist updates, we wanted to dive a bit...

Update Oct 31

The following changes are now live in #MWII after an update:

  • Temporarily disabling the bipod mount
  • Fixed care package bug in Hardpoint
  • Fixed bug for missing killstreaks or perk in-match