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🪦 Discontinued

August 12, 2022

Game is no longer being updated.

Latest Updates

Summer Update

Hey folks,

Last week, we set in motion our plans to deploy the Summer Update for Battlefield V.

We recognize that there are more important conversations taking place in the world today, so you haven’t seen us publish promotional material around the update this week, similar to how we have in the past on Battlefield V. ...

Battlefield V Chapter 6: Update #3

Battlefield V - Update 6.6

Hi folks,

Our 6.6 Update combines the work that we’ve performed on Battlefield since our last update in March, seeing improvements and fixes developed originally for a 6.4 Update in April added to our most recent work on the game and is detailed below, in full.

In addition to a wave of balance changes made to improve the experience using and fighting against Vehicles, we’re introducing Twisted Steel to Outpost, starting a new wave of Weekly Missions with new...

Battlefield V Chapter 6: Update #2

Battlefield V - Update 6.2

Hey folks,

Our big focus for Update 6.2 targets a revision of our existing weapon balancing, returning the base time to kill values of most weapons back to the experience found at the start of Chapter 5. At distance, we’ve improved the damage drop off to ensure that the pace remains satisfying, and modified our Recoil values to ensure that gun’s are both dangerous in combat, but harder to control.


Battlefield V Chapter 6: Update #1

Battlefield V - Update 6.0

Hi folks,

For our first update of the New Year, we’re bringing plenty of brand new content to Battlefield V, all of which will be available for you to unlock and play with this Thursday at the start of Chapter 6: Into the Jungle.

First, there’s a brand new map to play with - Solomon Islands. Deploy in this brand new Jungle environment that’s made by the original creators of Argonne Forest, and Operation Locker. Solomon Islands features plenty of intense...

Battlefield V Chapter 5: Update #2

Battlefield V - Update 5.2

Hi folks,

Our next update to Battlefield V delivers even more fixes, changes and improvements as our War in the Pacific continues - arriving on Wake Island later this month. We’re also pleased to confirm that Community Games will launch as part of Update 5.2. This feature launches later this month, where you’ll be able to create your own playlist of your favorite maps and modes, invite your friends and play Battlefield V your way.


Battlefield V Chapter 5: War in the Pacific Update Notes

Battlefield V - Update 5.0

Hi folks,

With Update 5.0, we’re heading to the Pacific. This update brings two new maps, new factions, new weapons and vehicles into this all new theater of war.

Our focus for this update has been on delivering this amazing content, and on continuing to improve the quality of life for our Battlefield V players. Some of the QoL improvements include UI tweaks, fortifications, significant sound and audio adjustments, a new option for soldier movement, map tweaks,...