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Latest Updates

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Patch Notes v402.6

- Fixed ships capsizing with cargo harnesses equipped to bears/horses  
- Reworked 'Decreased blackjack chance to knock riders off of horses by 50%' fix as it was causing issues with the bola  
- Fixed bola not being able to immobilize targets  
- Reverted 'Weather and temperature conditions no longer drain hunger or thirst meters when refilling stamina' as it was causing food and thirst from draining altogether.

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Patch Notes v402.5

  • Emergency ship ladders are now easier to use  

    • Bow and crossbow can now damage Army of the Damned enemies  

    • Added a new inventory sort option to “sort by type”  

    • Improved inventory functionality to prevent items from randomly shifting around when transferring between inventories  

    • When multiple items are sent to the hotbar, their “equip delay” timers will now countdown simultaneously rather than one at a time  

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Patch Notes v401.17

- Fixed some server crashes.

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Patch Notes v401.14

- Fixed maps not loaded on non-home grids for Unofficial Servers.

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Patch Notes v401.13

- Imprint time now scales inversely (decreases) when the baby maturation rate is above 4x. This means, during bonus rate events, imprint timers will automatically adjust to compensate for the quicker maturation.

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Patch Notes v401.10

- Disabled Claim Flag height limit on all Official Network. Functionality still works and can be used on Unofficial Servers, a word from our Lead Designer: