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Latest Updates

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Patch Notes v405.9

NEW Item: Ballista Flame bolt

- Sets fire to sails   - Can hit a sail with multiple bolts and add multiple fire buffs   - Fire can be extinguished by Olfend (or a bucket if you can get one up there)   - Fire can be extinguished by fully closing the sail   - Fire buff will not stick during rain or snow   - Fire bolts can also set fires on other structures, dinos, and the ground (and will damage the mast if hit there instead of the sail)

Balance Changes


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Patch Notes v404.8

- Fixed server side crashes   - Fixed a crash preventing players from launching Blackwood

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Patch Notes v404.7
  • Fix for puckles being unable to reload puckle ammo from pre-existing ammo containers  
    • Extra damage dealt by AoD treasure guardians reverted (but they kept some of the resistance that was added in the last patch)

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Patch Notes v404.5
  • Reduced max player character level cap from 150 to 120.   - Forced a skill respec for all players past level 120.
    • Offline player character bodies on ships will now stay visible to other players on PvE servers and in freeports.
    • Fixed a bug where offline player characters would fall off ships when transitioning into a freeport grid.
    • Fixed a bug where holding a treasure map on Blackwood would crash the game. ...

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Patch Notes v402.6

- Fixed ships capsizing with cargo harnesses equipped to bears/horses   - Reworked 'Decreased blackjack chance to knock riders off of horses by 50%' fix as it was causing issues with the bola   - Fixed bola not being able to immobilize targets   - Reverted 'Weather and temperature conditions no longer drain hunger or thirst meters when refilling stamina' as it was causing food and thirst from draining altogether.

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Patch Notes v402.5
  • Emergency ship ladders are now easier to use  
    • Bow and crossbow can now damage Army of the Damned enemies  
    • Added a new inventory sort option to “sort by type”  
    • Improved inventory functionality to prevent items from randomly shifting around when transferring between inventories  
    • When multiple items are sent to the hotbar, their “equip delay” timers will now countdown simultaneously rather than one at a time   ...