ARK: Survival Evolved

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Latest Updates

Client v356.1 - Server: v356.4 (Updated: 01/26/2023)

v355.14 - 01/26/2023 - Minor version for servers

  • Improvements to chat filter behaviour
  • The servers can now hot-reload chat filter lists by using ChatFilterVersion=. The value only needs to change to trigger the lists to be redownloaded

Client v356.1 - Server: v356.3 (Updated: 01/23/2023)

v356.3 (356.1 client) - 01/23/2023 - Major version for servers and clients

  • Offensive Text Filter - Added a bad word filter that we will continue to update in order to address attempts at bypassing the filter. Our system scans for the usage of numbers and other ways to replace words quite effectively and we expect to make this more robust as we move forward ...

Client v355.4 - Server: v355.16 (Updated: 01/18/2023)

v355.16 - 01/18/2023 - Minor version for servers

  • Carcha will now drop gigant hearts
  • Fixed multiple exploits

Client v355.4 - Server: v355.14 (Updated: 01/11/2023)

v355.14 - 01/11/2023 - Minor version for servers

  • Fixed multiple exploits
  • Exo mek structure pickup now respects tribe permissions

Client v355.4 - Server: v355.13 (Updated: 01/10/2023)

v355.13 - 01/10/2023 - Minor version for servers

  • Fixed multiple exploits
  • Fixed the Random Chibi Engram in the Refining Forge not saving on server restart

Client v355.4 - Server: v355.12 (Updated: 01/03/2023)

v355.12 - 01/03/2022 - Minor version for servers

  • Fixed multiple exploits