The Great War: Western Front

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Latest Updates

Update 1.1.3 | Patch Notes

Reporting in Commanders,

The following report contains intel on some minor changes including fixes that have been deployed:


  • Increased the range of Mortars to better deal with Tanks.


  • Fixed an issue where Siege Artillery was not dealing damage to Fort Pillboxes.

  • Fixed an issue where destroyed Fort Pillboxes would linger too long.


Update 1.1.2 | Patch Notes

Reporting in, Commanders!

We've taken your feedback on board since our last update and implemented the following changes:

  • AI will not surrender if the match is about to end.

  • AI will build more supply depots at strategic level (affects new campaigns only).

  • Concrete reinforced Mortars and Machine gun nests are immune to suppression.

  • Campaign ending National Will drain pop-up changed to say "30 per turn" to reflect its actual effect.


Update 1.1.1 | Patch Notes

Reporting in, Commanders!

Following feedback from update 1.1.0, the following changes have been implemented:

  • Reduced the damage of Light Artillery Suppression Barrage to counterbalance the new distribution radius. The Suppression Barrage previously dealt too much damage to Machine Guns and Mortar nests.

  • Reduced the propensity of the AI to call for a Ceasefire or Surrender.

  • Fixed multiple crashes.

As always, let us know about your experiences in the Discussion section!


Update 1.1.0 | Patch Notes

Reporting in, Commanders.

Our reconnaissance teams have gathered the following intel regarding changes across the front. Your continual reports have been crucial in these developments, so please continue to send these to us via the Steam Discussions, or our social channels on Twitter and Facebook. Note that these changes will take effect immediately with today’s update and affect any ongoing Campaigns.

Balancing Changes =================


Launch Day | Update 1.0.1 Patch Notes

Reporting in, Commanders!

We trust you are taking to your roles as Theatre and Field Commanders effectively as you begin your campaigns. In response to your feedback from early access, we have made the following adjustments:

Strategic AI (Theatre Commander)

  • Changed AI research into Income and Supply improvement technologies to better scale with game difficulty.