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Latest Updates

Update 2.1.3 | Patch Notes

Reporting in, Commanders! The following changes have just gone live in and update: ###### Theatre Commander

  • Fixed an issue causing German pawns to face the wrong direction when starting an Allied Campaign and then loading a Central Powers Campaign.

  • Fixed an issue causing a mismatch between region flags and unit pawns for Allies when playing as the Central Powers.

  • Fixed an issue resulting in the wrong flags for all regions after loading a Central Powers Campaign.

###### Miscellaneous


Update 2.1.2 | Patch Notes

Reporting in, Commanders. This small update is being released to provide the following fix:

  1. Fixed an issue in Campaign, where the following regions could not be surrounded:
  • Ypres.

  • Hasselt.

  • Maaseik.

  • Bruxelles.

  • Leuven. Thank you as always for your feedback and support. Continue letting us know about your experiences on the front!

The Great War: Western Front Team

Update 2.1.1 | Patch Notes

Reporting in, Commanders! We trust that you have been enjoying the 2.1.0 update and the additional modding tools. Update 2.1.1. is a follow-up designed to add further improvements and additional fixes. Settings

  • Added DX12 option to the Video Options page. Note: Restore your Settings to Default to enable this change.   Mod Support

  • Added more toggles to the modding diagnostic tool.

  • Updated Modding Guides. Bugfixes


August Update 2.1.0 | Patch Notes

Reporting in, Commanders! We are delighted to deliver this intel containing the details of our second Mod Support update. 2.1.0 includes multiple new features to enhance the modding experience, allowing you to create unique battlefields and Historic Battles. Please be aware that given the scope of the changes in this update, users will require new save files for these to take effect. Steam users will be able to use the platform’s Beta system to roll back to a prior version and finish any ongoing...

Update 2.0.1 | Patch Notes

Reporting in, Commanders!

Following feedback from update 2.0.0, the following changes have been implemented:

  • Fixed a soft lock that would occasionally happen during the defensive battle in the tutorial.
  • Fixed an issue that was causing some players to receive a failed to initialise Windows audio error on start.
  • Fixed an issue with reinforcement points that was preventing players from calling in more units in specific scenarios


June Update (2.0.0) | Patch Notes

Reporting in, Commanders!

You may have heard that today’s update marks an exciting change for The Great War: Western Front. We’re proud to confirm that alongside new content, this release will bring mod support and all the customisation and creativity that entails. We can’t wait to see how you redefine history through your own content and share that throughout the community!