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Update 202

Happy Heisty Year!

The holiday event is now over and the XP event bonus on the Christmas-themed heists are no longer available. The special Christmas decorated heists are back to normal and the same goes for all the holiday versions of certain sounds and the main menu.

All content that was released in the last update will stay in the game. If you did not get around to picking up all the presents in the Mexican heists to unlock the Mega Sangres mask, Fear not, you can still get a hold of the mask....

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Update 201.1 Hotfix

Hello Heisters!

Today we are releasing two fixes to the update from yesterday. All of us here at OVERKILL wish you a great holiday, a happy new year and that you all stay safe and take care of each other.

We hope you enjoy the Christmas event and all the new content in the game.   Have some great heisting everyone and we'll see you on CrimeNet.

Happy holidays.   OVERKILL_Tobias   OVERKILL - a Starbreeze Studio.

Update 201.1 Changelog

Update size: 224.4MB

General   ...

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Little heisters' Holiday!

‘Tis the season for taking

With the snow heavy on the roof of the buildings all over Washington DC, a strange figure is seen creeping around the neighborhood. He has a big sack of loot and he is bringing it back to the safe house. Gather close my dear heisters and see what he has for you. There are some awesome gifts for all the naughty heisters out there.

Gift of the year


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Crimson Shore Hotfix Update 200.1

Hello Heisters!

We have finally reached the end of our adventures in Mexico and brought an end to Buluc. We are very happy with the reception we’ve seen on Update 200 and the Crimson Shore release. With an update like this we usually have a hotfix the day after, containing the most critical issues, but this time we felt we could wait one day and bring a much larger patch today instead.


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Update 200 - Crimson Shore

Hello Heisters!

As the sun sets over Mexico, our heisters are preparing for grave business and a final showdown. But it’s not all serious stuff we have in store. To celebrate Update 200, we’re also expanding the Infamy System! There’s some extra goodies with two new camouflage weapon colors, free for everyone to use. You will find the Urban Abstract and the Desert Pixel in the weapon color system on your next launch of the game.


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PAYDAY 2 - 7 Year Anniversary Hotfix

Hello Heisters,

We are releasing a hotfix today to address some of the issues that were reported after the 7 Year Anniversary Update released yesterday. This hotfix will take care of a crash that could occur for clients in the new safe house as well as some graphical issues.

Please continue to report any bugs you find while playing in our Bug Reporting subforum, and have fun heisting!

Much love,   OVERKILL_Elisabeth

Update 199.6.1 Changelog

Update size: 16.4Mb

Crashes   ...