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Update 197.2 and T-Shirt Winner

Hello Heisters

Today we have an update with a crash fix and a few VR fixes. We are also adding three names to the secret plaque that were missed when the asset were created.

T-Shirt Contest

During crimefest we held a t-shirt competiotion, many good contributers sent us thier designs and it was not easy to pick a winner. We finally choose a design to be held as our favorite. A user named Xieken created a woderfull splash-art style shirt baised on our favorite psycopath; Wolf.


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Happy Heisting Holidays

  Hello Heisters

We bring you a small Winter Holiday Update with some fixes, for example: tweaks to achievements and the White House chopper intro. There is alsoa tweak to the secret in there for all you solo player and heisting crews with less than four players.

Veron Locke

A month ago we asked you if you wanted to see an update to the Locke model to look like the voice actor, Ian Russell, who also played Locke in the films we created for Crimefest. The votes were almost 17 to 1 in favor of...

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Update 196.2

Hello Heisters

Here comes a small hotfix to a sync issue that was found in the release last week. The issue were related to players that played together from lobby.

Keep those helmets flying.   OVERKILL_Tobias   OVERKILL - a Starbreeze Studio.

Update 196.2 Changelog

Update size: 12.7 MB


  • Fixed a sync issue while fireing for players that joined each other in the lobby

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HOTFIX 196.1

Hello Heisters

Here comes a hotfix to some issues that appeared in the release yesterday. There were two issues related to the achievement interface menu. We've seen some great response to both the masks and the Locke voting. If you haven't voted yet you can find the vote here:

Keep on Heisting, forsure!   OVERKILL_Tobias   OVERKILL - a Starbreeze Studio.

Update 196.1 Changelog

Update size: 4.8 MB


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Update 196

Hello Heisters!

We bring another update today with some fixes and two new masks for the secret hunters out there. For anyone whoattempts to solve the secret puzzle after this update,will be rewarded with two awesome masks to hide your identity while you commit crimes around Washington.

Those of you that are into the lore and story of PAYDAY will now be able to go back in Storyline Mode and re-read the text. (You will not be able to replay the missions within Storyline Mode.)


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Ogdon meet Starbreeze

  Earlier this year we were visited by Ogdon who through the Make-A-Wish® has wished to visit us. He got to meet the team and was shown how Payday is built. As we showed him around the office as everyone was working on the later to be released content.

If you want to read more about Ogdon’s visit and see the mask he designed.   Please visit the site here.

We wish all the best to Ogdon and his family,   OVERKILL_Tobias   OVERKILL - a Starbreeze Studio.

Update 195 Changelog