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Family Business - Hotfix

Hello heisters!

We are releasing a hotfix with fixes to some of the issues that were reported in yesterday's build. Some of the bigger fixes include a crash when escaping from the Breakfast in Tijuana heist. We also fixed a blocker where you could not pick up the key in the manager's office in the San Martín Bank heist. We thank you all for your reports.

Keep those helmets flying.   OVERKILL_Tobias   OVERKILL - a Starbreeze Studio.

Update 199.5.1 Hotfix Changelog


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Family Business Update

Hello Heisters!

As the sun beams down over Mexico our heisters load their rifles, polish their armors, and reline their masks. Something is about to go down. With this update we got lots of fun guns, cool weapon colors and… *drum roll*... Gloves.

Vlad needs a favor, again

The last heist went smoothly but there is one teeny tiny detail we need to sort out.   ...

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Soundtrack Fix

Hello Heisters

With the recent update, we noticed that the files for the soundtrack have been removed from people's hard drives. Today we have found the cause of the issue and have addressed it. So now you can nod your head to sweet beats, even when you aren't heisting.

This will, unfortunately, mean the patch today is very large, we apologize for any inconvenience.

Remember to wear masks and latex gloves.   OVERKILL_Tobias   OVERKILL - a Starbreeze Studio.

Update 199.4 Changelog


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Update 199.3

Hello Heisters!

While we are all stuck in custody, we here at OVERKILL have been working on some stuff for you heisters, and today we are releasing a small update to help keep you busy while we are all holding out in our homes.

While there might be reasons not to commit crimes in real life, we are bringing some great changes to the game where you can heist with your friends without the fear of jail or viruses. We think you will be very excited about what we have prepared for you, so let's dive...

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Cartel Business Update

Welcome back to Sunny Mexico!

We bring an awesome update packed to the brim with loot and goodies. We got heisting, guns and suits and much much more for you to explore. There’s action and tension waiting for you on We stay south of the border for a good ‘ol American bank robbery with a heavy Mexican flair.

The San Martín Bank Heist


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Happy New Year, Heisters

Hello Heisters!

We’d like to wish you all a happy and prosperous 2020!

Now that the holidays are over, the FBI will be removing the Christmas decorations from their offices and you may also notice a post-holiday thaw.

There is an update to the game files today as the streets are cleared of snow and the decorations are stowed away.

We hope you enjoyed the holiday update!

Sincerely,   OVERKILL_Elisabeth   OVERKILL - A Starbreeze Studio

Update 199.1 Changelog

Date: 2020-01-09   ...