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Heisters, underground rumors say there are things about to happen. Big things! We can’t say much yet but shit is about to get real if those rumors are true. I guess we will know more when the time comes.


Crimefest 2018 will start on the 25th of October and will follow the same structure as our last events, meaning content every other day. For everyone who can’t wait, it looks like someone at CNM actually has a reliable source so check out their website: CNM - BREAKING NEWS


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Update 187.1

What's good Heisters?Here comes a quick hotfix for yesterdays release! We noticed that the new Russian Medic Model had an issue while crouching as well as that some of you, clients more specifically, couldn't find their pile of money during a Safe House Raid.   Stay vigilant,   OVERKILL_symN   OVERKILL - a Starbreeze Studio.   Update 187.1 ChangelogUpdate size: 9.7 Mb   General

  • Fixed a skinning issue with the Russian Medic Model

Levels   ...

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The New Russian Medic

And the winner is...Congratulations to White_3Designer! The community decided and it’s your Russian Medic Design that made it into the game. With a paper-thin lead of only 104 votes more than Zdann. Once more, we’d like to say "Thank You" to all you Heisters who participated in the contest and voting. It was great to see your creations and engagement in the poll!


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Update 186.4

Heisters!Today's update addresses the HOLDOUT issue, where hostages sometimes are getting freed from the afterlife as well as the issue where unmodded lobbies would falsely get a "1" mod assigned and therefore filtered out if you disallow modded lobbies.   Phew,   OVERKILL_symN   OVERKILL - a Starbreeze Studio.   Update 186.4 ChangelogUpdate size: 2.1 Mb   General

  • Fixed that hostages in HOLDOUT would get free even if the player kills the enemy in time ...

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Update 186.3

New Week, New HOLDOUTThe first week has passed and we saw that some of you managed to complete the 9 waves! Congratulations! With a new week comes a new WEEKLY HOLDOUT challenge but unfortunately, we noticed that some of you crashed while trying to start this new challenge. Today's update fixes the issue, so get out there, gather the crew, start the new WEEKLY HOLDOUT and unlock those rewards! We are still working on the "hostage free" bug, but since it only happens sometimes, we have a hard time...

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Update 186.2

What's good Heisters?We'd like to apologize for the inconvenience our Friday Update caused you over the weekend. With today's hotfix we resolve the issue that HOLDOUT modifiers would carry over to the main game and therefore increase the difficulty of your everyday heisting life. We are working hard on resolving the issue that cops sometimes free the hostage in HOLDOUT even though they got already got interrupted / killed, so please be a bit more patient.   Cheers,   OVERKILL_symN   ...

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