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Latest Updates

Patch 1.12 Now Available For Farming Simulator 22!

Please Note! The patch is currently being rolled out across platforms. It can take a couple of hours until the update becomes available on your system. Crossplay services may be affected in the meantime. Patch 1.12 for Farming Simulator 22 is now available to download on PC and consoles. As the HORSCH AgroVation Pack is already available, there's a new goodie for all of you: the iconic HORSCH Farming Hero outfit! ...

New Multiplayer Modes Now Available on PC & Consoles!

Ready for some field action? Our new competitive multiplayer modes are now available in Farming Simulator 22. Download patch 1.10, and you'll find both the Bale Stacking Mode and the Arena Mode in the main menu under "esports" - check it out! ### Stacking Bales for the Highscore What started out as a joyful highlight on international gaming events a few years ago, is now playable at home with up to six players: The Bale Stacking Mode requires you to carefully (and more important: quickly) stack square...