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Release Notes for 4/22/2019

[ MISC ]   – Enabled D3D9EX mode by default.   — If you encounter graphics problems with this feature, please send an email to with the subject “D3D9EX”   — Customers who experience problems can also disable it with -disable_d3d9ex command line option.   ...

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Release Notes for 4/2/2019

[MISC]   -Fixed line of sight traces for weapon pickup rules to ignore debris.   -Fixed several HUD elements to respect cl_drawhud and cl_draw_only_deathnotices settings.

[MAPS]   Vertigo:   -Replaced red fence section at top of A ramp (Thanks SPUNJ!)   -Fixed pixel gaps on bombsite boxes   -Raised floor of B stairs pit by 64 units   -Reduced wallbang damage from CT elevator room towards T entrance to mid   -Increased height of crane concrete base on A site   ...

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Release Notes for 3/28/2019

[NEW RELEASES]   – A new music kit EZ4ENCE by The Verkkars is now available for purchase.   – A new Feral Predators Sticker Capsule is now available for purchase.

[MAPS]   – Vertigo has been moved from Reserves Group into the Active Duty Group.   – Cache has been moved from Active Duty Group into Reserves Group.

Vertigo:   -Added new cover in bottom of mid, that doubles as a ramp towards “window” to B site   -Pushed up CT spawns slightly   ...

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Release Notes for 3/21/2019


Vertigo:   -Switched Wingman version to bombsite B   -Made white metal structures on B site slightly larger, to prevent excessive angles/boost positions   -Added some floor material variation for footstep differentiation (CT corridor to back of A, elevator room near A site, T entrance to mid)   -Lowered C4 explosion radius (from 500 to 400)   -Added grenade clip to roof props in forklift room/lower level that allowed molotovs to burn through to upper level   ...

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Release Notes for 3/19/2019

[GAMEPLAY]   – Added a scoreboard element to indicate loss bonus for each team in Competitive and Wingman game modes.   – Zeus-x27 will no longer be able to kill people through walls.

[MISC]   – Fixed an issue causing black screen for users with integrated Intel GPU running with -d3d9ex launch option.   – Improved matchmaking times for Danger Zone.   ...

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Release Notes for 3/13/2019

[GAMEPLAY]   Adjusted round loss bonuses with the goal of reducing a negative feedback loop following streaks of losses.   – Round loss bonuses are now based on the count of a team’s round losses. The count increases by one after every loss, and decreases by one after every win (minimum 0).   — With 0 Losses: $1400   — With 1 Loss: $1900   — With 2 Losses: $2400   — With 3 Losses: $2900   — With 4+ Losses: $3400   ...