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Release Notes for 3/29/2021

[ OPERATION BROKEN FANG ]   – For a limited time, Broken Fang Premier is available for everyone.   – Operation Broken Fang Passholders will play in Prime Account Status queue when matchmaking for Broken Fang Premier.

[ MISC ]   – Fixed Steam networking sockets implementation to dynamically load “wlanapi.dll” system library and to work on Windows Server systems which don’t have Wireless LAN Service enabled.   ...

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Release Notes for 3/18/2021

[ STORE ]   – As a cross-promotion with Supergiant Games, owners of Hades on Steam, after they accrue sufficient playtime in the game, will receive The Hades Music Kit in CS:GO.   – Two new music kits – “The Lowlife Pack” by Neck Deep, and “CHAIN$AW.LXADXUT” by Scarlxrd – are now available for purchase in-game.   – Added the Poorly Drawn Sticker Capsule featuring a variety of poorly drawn stickers.


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Release Notes for 3/15/2021

[ MISC ]   – Fixed “env_fade” entities for “only triggering player” configuration.   – Added vscript function ScriptTraceLinePlayersIncluded.

[ MAPS ]   Updated Guard to the most recent workshop   – Fixed boost spot on arches (Thanks @FilyandraXBL)   – Fixed nodraw behind CT Spawn (Thanks Mii Fanboy)   – Fixed various spots where players could get stuck on walls (Thanks @FilyandraXBL, Mii Fanboy, Kerluck, @goodchicken45)


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Release Notes for 3/1/2021

[ Misc ]

– Fixed a bug that allowed enemy players to spawn outside of their spawn location.   – Fixed a case where players would see a second bomb in retakes mode   – Fixed some cases where dropped weapons exited the play area.


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Release Notes for 2/17/2021

[MAPS]   – Anubis   — Reskinned the signs and information boards   — Fixed the wallbang through the trim on the mid building between double door and the CT house   — Added some grenade clips to prevent weird grenade bouncing on A heaven

– Engage   — Fixed several visual issues   — Removed boost spots   — Updated Bot NAV (Thanks Ham)

– Apollo   ...

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Release Notes for 2/3/2021


– Short-handed income is now given after every round regardless of a win or loss.   – Broken Fang Premier team timeouts have changed from 4x half-minute timeouts to 2x one minute timeouts.