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Release Notes for 9/9/2021

[ STORE ]   – Added the 2021 Community Sticker Capsule featuring a variety of stickers from Community Workshop artists.


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Release Notes for 8/17/2021

[ UI ]   – Added 2-letter region codes to Looking to Play, Invites, and Watch Events panels.   – Added 2-letter language codes to Watch Stream panel.


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Release Notes for 8/12/2021

[MUSIC KITS]   – Added the “Tacticians” Music Kit Box, available in regular and StatTrak™ variants, featuring 6 new music kits:   —- Austin Wintory, Mocha Petal   —- Chipzel, ~Yellow Magic~   —- Freaky DNA, Vici   —- Jesse Harlin, Astro Bellum   —- Laura Shigihara: Work Hard, Play Hard   —- Sarah Schachner, KOLIBRI

[MISC]   ...

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Release Notes for 7/27/2021

[Maps]   – Calavera   — Added more contrast to the door texture to make it stand out more (thanks TheWarOwl and Quoting)   — Moved ladder at T-stairs slightly to make going up more smooth   — Various fixes to pixel gaps and clipping that no one will even notice or care about

[MISC]   – Stability improvements.


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Release Notes for 7/21/2021

[Dreams & Nightmares]   – Added a checkbox for workshop submissions to be entered into the Dreams & Nightmares Contest.

[Matchmaking]   – Players that receive unusually high amounts of griefing reports will get a warning, followed by escalating competitive cooldowns.

[Maps]   – Pitstop   — Patched hole in clipping on upper balcony.   — Improved skybox and fog.   — Fixed broken collision model on bombsite tent.   ...

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Release Notes for 7/6/2021

[ MATCHMAKING ]   – Premier matchmaking can now be selected together with other competitive maps.   – Added competitive matchmaking presets and ability to save/load favorite map selections.   – Added a link to CS:GO Fair Play Guidelines when playing on official game servers.

[ MISC ]   – Bullet penetration check will ignore the firing player model entirely.   ...