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Release Notes for 8/6/2020

[ FRACTURE CASE ]   – Introducing the Fracture Case, featuring designs from over 17 community artists-designed weapon finishes, and the Shattered Web Knives as rare special items.

[ MISC ]   – Updated main menu movie for Mutiny.   – Fixed several exploits related to VPK tampering.   – The -unstrusted launch option is no longer supported

[ NETWORKING ]   – Multiple improvements to SDR networking protocol:   — Improved SDR routing selection logic   ...

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Release Notes for 7/29/2020

[MISC]   – Fixed a performance regression during POV demo playback.   – Fixed domain names starting with a digit to be resolvable via DNS as part of “connect” command.   – Added a server-side setting sv_closecaption to control whether captions can be displayed during gameplay, defaults to only displaying Co-op Strike Mission chat.   – Added main menu movies for Mutiny and Swamp.

[MAPS]   Mutiny

Optimizations:   ...

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Release Notes for 7/27/2020

[MISC]   – Optimized platform shader files and sound configuration files to be packed inside compressed VPK files.

[MAPS]   Mutiny   -Fixed various bird-related bugs   -Opened up corner at Dirt Road near CT Spawn   -Fixed bomb getting stuck on the small boat   -Improved FPS for low/medium shader   -Improved optimisation throughout the map   -Opened up T to B Upper ceiling to allow for grenade usage   -Fixed one way wallbang on B Site   ...

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Release Notes for 7/23/2020

[ TRUSTED MODE ]   – Trusted Mode is now the default launch mode for CS:GO.   — Previous Trusted Mode launch options have been deprecated.   — Instead, a new compatibility launch option “-allow_third_party_software” is provided to allow third party software to access the CS:GO game process.   – For more information about Trusted Mode please refer to the following Knowledge Base article:   ...

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Release Notes for 7/13/2020

[Trusted Mode]   – Fixed performance issue caused by third party applications repeatedly attempting to inject into CS:GO.   – Fixed crashes caused by third party applications injecting into CS:GO.


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Release Notes for 7/9/2020

[MISC]   – CS:GO will now display an error if launched from outside of Steam.   – Fixed a case where players in Trusted mode would experience a framerate issue caused by certain 3rd party apps.