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Release Notes for 5/21/2018

– Bomb logic now runs every tick when it is close to exploding or being defused, addressing some rare cases where an extremely close defuse would still result in the bomb exploding.
– If a bomb would both explode and be defused at the same exact time, it will now be considered defused.
– Prime accounts will now receive a warning in a Competitive lobby when they enter matchmaking with other Prime accounts whose Trust Factor may impact their matchmaking experience.


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Pre-Release Notes for 5/17/2018

The following changes are available in the CS:GO Beta depot.

– General adjustments to ambient sounds:
— Increased resolution and character of reverb effects to better reflect surrounding map geometry
— Small mix adjustments
– Improved vent destruction sounds and increased audible distance.

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Release Notes for 5/4/2018

[ MISC ]
– Fixed stability issue for physics collision detection against displacement surfaces.
– Fixed some situations in which stickers would not appear properly on weapons in-game.
– Fixed an issue where MP3’s embedded in maps wouldn’t work. (Thanks to Steam user MajesticCatDog for help in diagnosing this issue).
– Removed legacy audio cache commands.

[ SDK ]

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Release Notes for 4/30/2018

– Enabled streaming audio by default, making use of the ‘sound cache’ unnecessary. The sound cache can be forced back on by setting snd_disable_legacy_audio_cache 0 if any issues are found.
– Weapon reload sounds now follow the reloading players as they move around.
– Fixed sound device override exploit to cancel sounds.


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Release Notes for 4/20/2018

– Added Dust II to the Active Duty map pool.
– Removed Cobblestone from the Active Duty map pool.
– Added support for Nuke in Wingman.
– Moved Austria and Shipped into Defusal Group Sigma casual map group.
– Moved Cobblestone into Defusal Group Delta casual map group.

– Fixed an exploit that impacted game server performance.

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Release Notes for 3/29/2018

– Fixed quad surround sound so it works again.
– Fixed a bug that could cause looping sounds, such as the hostage breathing sound, to be stuck on in some situations.
– Fixed a rare bug that caused spectators to sometimes hear water footsteps coming from players on dry ground.
– CS:GO items received in trade cannot be re-traded for seven days.

– Added support for uniform scale adjustment of static prop models.

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