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Update #13.2 - Patch Notes

Hello, Survivors   13.2 Highlights

New Weapon: P90

In this update, we are adding the fan-favorite P90 SMG to Care Packages. The P90 is our first Care Package SMG since the original Tommy Gun, and as such, we made sure it is a worthy addition. It comes loaded with its own unique 5.7mm High Powered ammo, which is capable of longer-range combat, unlike our other SMGs. It also comes with a Cheek Pad, Handguard, Laser, and Silencer pre-attached and non-detachable.


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Update 13.1 - Patch Notes

13.1 Highlights

Hello Survivors,

We cannot express our thanks enough for all the great feedback and player comments regarding the release of Taego with Update 12.2. Thanks to your constructive feedback, we're making lots of changes and improvements to Taego; let's jump into it!

Taego Updates

Multi Care Packages

We have received a lot of player feedback asking for an increase in the amount of Care Package air drops available in each match. Let's fix that!


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Update 12.2 - Patch Notes

PUBG began with the iconic 8x8 map Erangel; today, with Update 12.2 we're excited to release our newest 8x8 map: Taego.

Taego has diverse terrain and environments, with numerous towns, compounds, and unique points of interest across the Battleground. Be on the lookout for wildlife, with flocks of birds reacting to player movement and gunfire, giving you a potential early sign of danger ahead. Comeback BR and the Self AED are two new gameplay features exclusive to Taego, giving players a chance to...

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Update 12.1 - Patch Notes

Season 12 has landed on the Battlegrounds!

Drop-in and explore our biggest Miramar update since launch; with significant visual and design improvements, a new uniquely Miramar vehicle, and an armor-destroying sniper rifle, what’s not to love?

Read on for full details, including the introduction of a new weapon skin upgrade system, pre-game soccer, quality of life improvements, and more!

Miramar World Update


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Update 11.2 - Patch Notes

Update 11.2 is now live!

Our first Survivor Pass of the season has arrived, Survivor Pass: Pajama Party! Jump in-game to check out all the slumber party themed rewards, alongside a slew of new missions to complete as you progress through the pass.

Erangel, the original Battleground is receiving changes to both Military Island bridges, allowing you more options to mount your assault or set up defenses. For those who like to set up a tent and bridge camp (you know who you are), there’s now additional...

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Update 11.1 - Patch Notes

Update 11.1 is now available on PC Test Servers!

Drop back into the highlands of Paramo with updated terrain and new game modes available. While there, you can try out the latest weapon balance updates that include damage increases for the Mini-14, VSS, and SCAR-L.

You can also work on the 10 new Mastery Medals added to bling up your revamped PUBG ID. On larger maps, deploy the new Emergency Pickup to grab a quick transport over to the safe zone for you and your squad. 11.1 also features Killfeed...