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Update #25 Patch Notes

Hey Everyone,

We’re already a month into the launch of Vikendi and we’ve been pouring over the data and community feedback about our latest map. On top of loot balance changes, we’re introducing some great new content to Vikendi as well including a new weapon, vehicle, attachment, and the long-awaited Moonlight weather setting for Vikendi. There are also some great quality of life updates and bug...

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PC 1.0 Update #23.1

This update to patch 23 fixes some bugs and updates the emote system, introducing a new customizable emote wheel and three new emotes. We're also testing a new Name Change item before it deploys as a paid store item on live. If you wish to change your test server name and help us test the item, you can use the free pass you receive by logging in on the test server.



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Event Mode: One Gun Warrior

Lock and load warrior, because this week’s event mode puts your skills with a single weapon to the test! In One Gun Warrior, you’ll start out with a weapon kit immediately upon drop. You’ll have to scavenge ammo and other supplies, but no weapons spawn in the world! Kill others to take their weapons or make it through the round with your own.

Possible Weapon Kits:  

  • [SR] AWM with 4x Scope, Compensator, QuickDraw Mag, and Cheek Pad
  • [LMG] M249 with 3x Scope ...

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PC 1.0 Update #23

Hey everyone,

Today’s Test Server patch includes a brand new full-auto pistol, the new Conquest Mode Custom Game setting, improvements to custom games in general, and other bug and quality of life fixes. We’ve also given the Training Mode map a name and “Camp Jackal” can now be selected as a War Mode map in custom games. As always, this patch will deploy to live servers after testing is complete.


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Event Mode: Platoon (50 vs 50)

For this week's event mode, we're debuting something new to events. In Platoon Mode, you'll join one of 5 10-person squads that make up your Platoon. Normal game objectives still apply, except on a massive 50 vs. 50 scale. Loot up and coordinate to be the last Platoon standing!


STARTS: Oct 18, 7pm PDT / Oct 19, 4am CEST / Oct 19, 11am KST   ENDS: Oct 21, 7pm PDT / Oct 22, 4am CEST / Oct 22, 11am KST





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Event Mode: Public Beta - Flare Gun Stage 2

Hey everyone,   This week’s event mode is going to be another test of the Flare Gun system. We’ve looked at your feedback from the last round, but want to gather a little more data before we pull the trigger on any changes or deploy the item to live. Unlike the long event before, this test will run from Thursday until Saturday. Once again, your feedback is greatly appreciated, so please let us know your thoughts in our forum thread![]...