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PC 1.0 Update #20

Hey everyone,   Last week, we announced FIX PUBG, an initiative to tackle some of the game’s long-standing bugs and quality of life requests. Update 19 addressed a slew of those already and for Update 20, we’re adding a section to the patch notes to specifically cover FIX PUBG issues. These patch notes will show up in their normal sections as well.   ...

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Event Mode: Dodgebomb

Get ready to yell FIRE IN THE HOLE more than anyone ever should! In Dodgebomb, this week’s event mode, 3 10-person teams will hot drop into Erangel armed with 20 frag grenades, a molotov, level 3 gear, and of course a frying pan. Being a War Mode event, players will respawn in planes that fly by every 30 seconds. Be careful though, in Dodgebomb, there are no knock-downs, only FRAGS.   EVENT SCHEDULESTARTS: Aug 9, 7pm PST / Aug 10, 4am CEST / Aug 10 11am KST   ...

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Event Mode: Sanhok Forty-Fivers

Get ready to stack a whole lot of blue ammo boxes. This week’s event limits weapon spawns to Tommy Guns, Win94s, R45s, and throwables.
Full details below:
STARTS: Aug 2, 7pm PST / Aug 2, 4am CEST / Aug 3 11am KST
ENDS: Aug 5, 7pm PST / Aug 6, 4am CEST / Aug 6 11am KST
4-man squads on Sanhok

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PC 1.0 Update #19

Hey everyone,
PGI has come and gone and while we’re thrilled with how our first ever world tournament went off, we’re also happy to be able to dive back into a normal schedule and implement some key changes.
Today’s improvements are the first step in a recommitment to improving quality of life, fixing bugs, and making PUBG the best game it can be. We’ll talk more about that next week. For now, thank you all for supporting PGI and be sure to read on for what’s coming up in patch 19!...

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Event Mode: PGI 2018

PGI 2018 is upon us. As the greatest PUBG players in the world clash in Berlin, we want to give players like you a chance to play with the same ruleset experienced by pro players.
Prepare for more weapon spawns, more vehicle spawns, and more aggressive blue zone behavior. If you can earn some dinners in this mode, you might be good enough to play with the best.
Full event details below!

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Event Mode: Metal Rain Returns!

Hey everyone,
Metal Rain is returning to PUBG in this week’s event mode! As before, players will be able to call either an armored UAZ or a special care package by using flare guns found throughout the map. Gather your friends or join a random group of 8 and battle it out for control of the airdrops in this all-out battle for superior firepower!

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